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Welcome to the Press v. Louisiana Citizens Property Insurance Corporation website.  This website provides information about a $23 million Settlement that has been reached with Louisiana Citizens Property Insurance Corporation (“Louisiana Citizens”) in a class action lawsuit about whether homeowner’s were properly paid on claims filed after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

 About This Settlement

The lawsuit claims that Louisiana Citizens did not make proper payments to policyholders whose properties were damaged by Hurricanes Katrina and/or Rita. The Settlement does not mean that Louisiana Citizens did anything wrong. The parties agreed to the Settlement to avoid the costs and risks of trial.

Under Louisiana Citizens homeowners’ insurance policies, if repairs to a policyholder’s property require the use of three or more trades (for example, carpenter, electrician, drywall installer, etc.), Louisiana Citizens must pay 20% for general contractor’s overhead and profit (“GCOP”). A policyholder does not need to actually hire a general contractor or even perform the repairs in order to get a payment for GCOP.

You may have received or seen other notices about other class actions involving Louisiana Citizens, including a case in Jefferson Parish, Oubre v. Louisiana Citizens Fair Plan, and a case in Orleans Parish, Orrill v. Louisiana Citizens Fair Plan.  These cases involve different claims and issues and are not the same as the Press v. Louisiana Citizens class action.  You may be a member of more than one of these classes.  Please read the class notice, which will allow you to determine whether you are eligible to participate in the Press settlement.


On March 11, 2013 the Court approved a Joint Motion to Issue Notice of Class Action to Additional Potential Class Members.

It was discovered that 1,461 policyholders were omitted from the list of policyholders who initially received notice of the class action Settlement.  Notice has been mailed to these additional 1,461 policyholders to give them the opportunity to participate in the Settlement.  A detailed notice providing additional information for those policyholders can be found here.


This site is not operated by the Court, Class Counsel, Defendant’s Counsel, or Defendant. This class action settlement is supervised by the Court and is administered by a claims administration firm that handles all aspects of settlement administration.

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